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The Pantone® Matching System is the industry standard color matching system. It is important to note that colors may look different on your screen when compared with actual Pantone color swatches. This can be due to the backlight on screens, screen calibration and/or the RGB method of creating color on screens.
For true Pantone colors, we suggest referring to an actual Pantone Coated Color Swatch Book. Sublimated colors may appear slightly muted when compared to Pantone color swatches. Fabric tends to soak up light compared with the reflective nature of glossy paper.

LIMKOO normally uses the SOLID COATED version of these PMS colors. Please note: The color chart below may vary depending on computer monitors but offers a rough way to choose colors. If absolute true colors are necessary, a Pantone® Color Book(FORMULA GUIDE LIMITED EDITION - PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2022) is recommended and can be found in most art stores.